Guidelines & Guidance Notes

Before applying for DOCET funding, CET event organisers should read the Guidelines and Guidance Notes, which explain the process in detail.  You may wish to print off these PDF documents to refer to as you work through the application or claim form online.  

Guidelines on DOCET Financial Support for Local CET Events

The Guidelines explain the background, principles and conditions of the funding process, and the system of applying for and claiming DOCET funds.

     DOCET Funding GUIDELINES v2 Feb14

Guidance Notes

The Guidance Notes are designed to provide further help by explaining aspects of the application and claim processes in more detail.  This includes some specific information requirements and how to complete some sections of the forms. 

       DOCET Funding GUIDANCE NOTES v2 Feb14

Please read both these documents carefully before applying for or claiming DOCET funding. 

If you have any queries that are not covered by the information given here, please contact DOCET at or on 020 7839 6000.

We welcome feedback from CET event organisers on using the online application and claim system.  This will help us to make continuous improvements.  Please email your comments to  



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