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  • Event Details

  • Please give the official address of the organising body.
    • Session 1

      You must provide details of each different session that forms part of your CET event. For events with more than 6 sessions you may show total hours and upload a programme. See Guidance Notes for full details.
    • Name of the individual lecture, workshop or peer discussion.
    • A Lead Facilitator is defined as a facilitator who has a central role in preparing and delivering a peer discussion event. See Guidance Notes.
    • Please give duration in hours rounded up to nearest quarter hour. Please ensure you have read the Guidance Notes before completing this section as requirements vary if the CET event comprises more than 6 lecture/workshop sessions.
      Before applying for DOCET funding you must first have applied to the GOC for CET approval. (DOCET is not responsible for this process). Please indicate here whether CET approval has been given or applied for awaiting confirmation.
    • If the CET event comprises more than 6 different sessions, event content details may be uploaded here. Please see Guidance Notes for details.
    • DOCET funds are normally only made available for CET that is related to the provision of primary eye care services and/or aligned with stated DOCET priorities.   Topics will normally be clinical in nature.  Amount of funding provision may be reduced proportionally for any elements of content that fall outside of these parameters.  See Guidance Notes for more details.

  • Add another session
  • Forecast Cost

    Please remember you will need to provide copies of receipts and actual proofs of expenditure for these items when you submit your claim form after the event. See Guidelines for more information.
    • £
      Use this box for lecturer/speaker fees only - see separate box below for peer discussion Lead Facilitator fees. (Note: Lecturer/speaker fees may only be claimed for time spent in actual delivery of lecture/workshop content, not for any additional time spent at the event).
    • £
      Reasonable travel and/or accommodation expenses only.
      Total number of Lead Facilitators for whom you intend to claim fees for peer discussion sessions at this CET event. See Guidance Notes for details and definition of Lead Facilitator.
    • £
    • £
    • £
      Reasonable costs for one form of local advertising for the event, eg. mailshot OR advertisement.
    • £
  • Total Cost £


      A copy of a completed and signed delegate list will need to be provided after the event when you submit your claim.  Alternative arrangements may be accepted for large events where electronic scanning systems are used in place of delegate sign-in.  See Guidance Notes for details including important information about data protection.   A DOCET template delegate list is also provided for use if required.

    • £
      Any sponsorship or other sources of funding being applied for (please enter 0 if none). Please note, this is for information - it does not form part of the DOCET funding calculation on this application form.
      Indicate non-optometrist delegates to enable per head calculation.
  • Grand Total £

    This is the total amount, based on all the information supplied, which DOCET will consider for provisional approval once this application form is submitted.
  • Your application is for an event with less than ten optometrist delegates. DOCET will not normally consider contributing financially to CET events with fewer than ten optometrists attending. Please either review your delegate numbers before submitting or do not proceed with this application.

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