How To Apply

Important information for CET event organisers on how to apply for and claim DOCET Funding. 

Remember you can now register as a user, giving you the ability to save and copy forms, and view your application and claim history.  Go the Funding area to find out more.

Before making an application or claim for DOCET funds for a local CET event, you should read the Guidelines on DOCET Funding for Local CET Events and the accompanying Guidance Notes.  These explain the principles and requirements of the system and give detailed guidance to help organisers through the application and claim process. 

Once you have read the Guidelines and Guidance Notes, you will need to complete the online Application FormGo to the Funding area to register and start applying.  The online Application Form includes plenty of reminders and tips throughout to help you complete it correctly. Once you submit the form, you will receive an automatic email with a PDF copy of your completed application to keep for your records.

The Claim Form is only completed after you've received provisional funding approval from DOCET and only after the event has actually taken place.  (See Guidelines and Guidance Notes for details).  Again, the online Claim Form includes plenty of reminders and tips to help you complete it and you will receive an PDF of your completed claim by email.

Full details of the application and claim process are contained in the Guidelines document.

If you have any queries about applying for or claiming DOCET funds for a local CET event please contact us at or on 020 7839 6000.


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