Template Forms

DOCET provides some free template forms which local CET organisers are welcome to download for their own use. 

Delegate List

Please use this template form and/or adapt it as necessary.  Organisers may use their own delegate list in a different format but it must include as a minimum the same information as this DOCET template.


Please remember that DOCET will confirm attendance by spot checking with a random selection of attendees so at least one form of contact - email or phone - for each delegate is required.  (Details about individuals on delegate lists will not be used by DOCET for any other purpose).

Please see Guidance Notes for more details of DOCET requirements for submission of delegate information.

Evaluation Form

DOCET provides this template evaluation form which CET organisers may download to use and adapt as required. 


Please see Guidance Notes for details of DOCET requirements for submission of event evaluations.

We welcome feedback from CET event organisers on using the new online system.  This will help us to make improvements.  Please email your comments to enquiries@docet.info  


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